Utils: Writing a book in Markdown

Is that even possible?

Say you want to write your very own software or coding book. The first option to proceed is, of course, a text processor like LibreOffice Writer. Don’t use that; that’s not hacky enough for you. You may use instead use a more complex toolchain, like LaTeX. If you are as... [Read More]

JavaScript: Command pattern

Undo and redo!

Happy new year! I’ve started reading the Game Programming Patterns book, from Robert Nystrom. It’s great! Well written, funny, and extremely practical. I’d like to share a simple implementation in JavaScript of the Command pattern, the first introduced pattern in the book, on a practical example. [Read More]

Rails: Download link counter

Keep track of it!

It’s 4:00 AM in the morning. You’re finishing your amazing Rails WebApp which will let final users download free content without paying anything. You’re almost done, polishing some details. However, you lack of one feature, and you don’t know how to implement it (really? are you serious? after all this?):... [Read More]